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Censure of Retribution

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1Censure of Retribution Empty Censure of Retribution on Fri Oct 09, 2009 2:43 pm

Censure of Retribution: When any enemy other
than your oath of enmity target hits you, you gain a
bonus to damage rolls against your oath of enmity
target equal to your Intelligence modifier until the
end of your next turn. This bonus is cumulative.

Here is the case:
2 enemies, Avenger's turn. Enemy 1 is the target of the Oath.
Avenger provokes Opportunity Attack and is hit by Enemy 2, giving a damage bonus vs the Oath of Enmity target until the avenger's next turn.
Somehow Enemy 1 dies (doesn't matter how)
On the Avenger's next turn, Oaths Enemy 2.
Does the damage bonus carry over until the end of the turn because it is vs. the Oath target, or is the damage bonus lost if the Oath target is switched.

And the second question:
Is it different if the Avenger is otherwise able to switch the Oath target after gaining the bonus, even without the previous Oath target dying?

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2Censure of Retribution Empty Re: Censure of Retribution on Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:59 pm

I think the damage bonus does not carry over. When the first Oath target is killed, you no longer have an oath target, and so any effects that would affect your oath target are done. And then you oath a new guy.

Again, i dont think so because the target changes. but to be sure, i'd contact WotC.

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